This week, Galdem of Eden have had the pleasure of chatting to Chikaya following her latest single ‘Castles’. If it’s good enough to premiere on Clash, it’s certainly good enough for us. Her performances at festivals such as Boomtown and Dot to Dot is a heavy hint towards the positive direction in which Chikaya is heading. With a voice this dreamy and a style so cosmic (the blue hair says it all) it’s no surprise that her musical pursuit has captured attention from the likes of Jamz Supernova and Dummy Mag. Everyone’s journey has a beginning and Chikaya is no exception. Have a read below to find out where this gal started and who has been inspiring her!

When did you first recognise you had such talent?

I’m the cliche, I always felt that I could sing, and any excuse to sing with my friends at sleepovers or do little dances and shows in front of the family I would do when I was 9 I became obsessed with 80’s pop music, I used to invite friends round to learn my choreographed dance to ‘video killed the radio star’ lool.

I wrote my first song when Avril Lavinge’s ‘Let Go’ came out when I was a child - it was so emo, I think my writing has improved since then though lol.

When do you feel you started to take music more seriously?

The first serious song I wrote was on the piano at home, everyone was off school cause of swine flu in 2009 and I had fuck all to do so I wrote a song and it was pretty good and after that i just kept writing and playing on this crummy old piano till I was super confident with it.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

I think you’ve just gotta consistently inspire yourself if I’m honest, and by that I mean improve always. Achieve what you’ve set out to achieve, just say ‘I can, and get it done’ I’m a doer, I don’t just say things and then not act, or think about things and then not act on them, people that do that stay stagnant and it’s a waste. We gotta keep it moving and anyone I know who does that - in any field inspires me but there’s not one specific person - I just like to see people getting things done, one of my best friends is a scientist who studied at Bristol uni, a freaking genius who since I’ve known her has gone on to do some incredible things in her field, she always inspires me, music wise, right now I’d say Nessa Maria or LUCY are perfect examples of people in the music industry consistently elevating and I love to see it.

Do you feel like your sound/writing has evolved or changed in any way from when you first started?

Definitely - I’ll always keep evolving.

Your most recent single 'Castles' is paired along with a music video you made yourself. Did you always know that you yourself wanted to make the video or did this come as a more natural idea because of the meaning behind the song? 

Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to do, I just kept it simple and fun, it was definitely natural and lighthearted and that's all I wanted for the song because the song is super cosmic to me and synthy and I wanted the video to just look like Joy so what better way than to get some friends involved, I filmed a lot of it at Love Saves the day!

Is there anyone that you would like to work with in the future?

Yeah for sure there are people who I plan to write with in the future, ill keep you posted in the next few years tehe!

And what’s next in store for you? 

I'll be announcing my next single very soon! 

Interview by Thomasin Dutt 

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