CARLY WILFORD - Sunday Selecta Series

Carly Wilford has stepped up as our selecta for this Sunday series. Creator of Sister Collective, Carly is all about showcasing hot and upcoming talent in the electronic scene. When she’s not DJing herself at festivals around the UK, you might catch her presenting at events such as Apple Today, Amsterdam Dance and We Work. To say she’s got her finger in a few pies is an understatement, but who exactly is this blue haired babe? Have a read below and find out a little bit further into what Carly Wilford’s all about through her tune selection…

The soundtrack to my life is… Ride Like The Wind (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) - Christopher Cross

This is one of my favourite tracks to play out as it takes any gig to a completely different level. It’s literally a turning point and floods the dance floor. I love the way that it builds and lyrically it reminds me of my life in so many ways. My world growing up wasn’t always easy and I think one of the reasons that I became so driven and career focused was in looking to the future and making sure that a created a new open road. It also reminds me of breaking in to the music industry and what it was like in the early days when I had no money but pure passion in my heart because I had found an industry that I had fallen in love with. “It is the night, my body’s weak, I’m on the run, no time to sleep, I’ve got to ride, ride like the wind to be free again…"

The first single/album I bought was… Snap - Rhythms Is A Dancer

What a classic. I have so many memories bouncing around the front room with my sisters to this and I think it was the start of really connecting with electronic music.

The banger that gets me on the dancefloor would be… Together - DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter

It’s very rare that I ever hear this played out (apart from when I draw for it during a set) but it’s one of my favourite all time dance tracks and any time I have heard it in a club, I have definitely made a run for the dance floor. I remember it being dropped at Sankey’s in Manchester back in the day in the top room, we all danced so hard that the floorboards were moving.

My perfect song to cry to is… Rhye - Open

This is such a beautiful track and every time I listen to it gives me goosebumps. There is something very pure and special in the way that her voice and song production collide. It’s songs like this that prove why music can be so overwhelmingly powerful.

The track with the most memories is probably… Solu Music Feat Kimblee - Fade

This is such a classic and reminds me of the first time I ever went to Ibiza and then every trip there after that. Think sunsets & sunrises at Mambo’s, day raving at Bora Bora, Manumission at Privilege, after parties at Space, cocktails in Ibiza Town’s, catching the little boat over to El Divino and listening to incredible House music all summer long. I never knew then that I would end up becoming a DJ and the first time I played in Ibiza, I dropped this track and it made it even more special.


My current most played song is… Ed Butler - They Know

This isn’t out yet but as soon as it drops it’s going to be an anthem to end the summer. So hyped for it to be released and for Ed to get the success he deserves too.

The first genre I truly fell in love with was… House Music

I was a raver. We used to get in the car on a Friday night and drive to different cities across the UK to hit different clubs. Funky House was my vibe, it brought people together and there was a real sense of unity on the dance floor. It was before social media so much of it wasn’t documented unless someone had their camera with them or you found pictures of yourself on hahaha - it was a brilliant time for music.

If I could claim any tune as my own creation it would be… Lovebirds - Want You In My Soul (feat. Stee Downes)

“Got to stand alone and try to lead the way” - I have started so many of my sets with this over the years as it perfectly builds a room and sets a tone. I love the melody, the lyrics, the chords that are used and the way that it’s such a elegant yet powerful house track.

The song that helped me through my angsty teenage years… Janet Jackson - Together Again

This was the first track I played in my car as I picked up my mates for the first time after passing my driving test. I was one of the eldest in my year and so was one of the first to pass, we all lived in villages so it was pretty hard to get around. It reminds me of feeling a real sense of independence and freedom for all of us. I remember putting our shades on, windows down and singing every word at the top of our voices. Such incredible memories.

A song I was obsessed with and now can’t stand is… Jamie xx - Loud Places

This is one of my all time favourite tracks, I love this song so much and the album that it came from too. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of making it in to my alarm so every time I wake up in the mornings, for early flights or after a much needed nap, I hear it. It helps me to wake up but always reminds me of wanting to sleep just a little bit longer.

To hear more from Carly Wilford, check her Soundcloud out here.

Written by Chloe Shaw

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