ENADA - Sunday Selecta Series

Enada first came to our attention through her involvement with KCDC, a female fronted bass collective bringing life to 130-174 events. Enada’s recent bookings for St Paul’s carnival and regular appearances on radios such as 1020 has Galdem of Eden expecting this gal to take hold of Bristol pretty soon. While she specialises in drums and dub, her song choice below will give you a little more insight into Enada’s personality and connection in music.


The soundtrack to my life is… Bob Marley - Easy Skanking

The first single/album I bought was… Britney Spears - Hit Me Baby One More Time (cringe)

The banger that gets me on the dancefloor would be… Destiny's Child - Independent Woman (Absolute classic)

My perfect song to cry to is… Adele - Hometown Glory 

The track with the most memories is probably… Deadmau5 - I Remember

My current most played song is… Alix Perez  - Deep Six

The first genre I truly fell in love with was… Dubstep, have listened to it since i was 13, it was wob at first sight

If I could claim any tune as my own creation it would be... Mala - Alica (What a master piece)

The song that helped me through my angsty teenage years… Taking Back Sunday - Cute without the E (how emo) 

A song I was obsessed with and now can’t stand is... Probably Noisia - Dead Limit, it's not that i can't stand it but it is overplayed now haha. 

Written by Chloe Shaw

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