Galdem of Eden

We wanted to create a place that people can rely on for empowering and inspirational content by AND for women.

The music industry is a male dominated scene. We all know this. It’s lame. We’ve not made this blog to moan and dwell on that. Exactly the opposite. Instead of shining a light on the negative we want to emphasise and put power in to the positive.

There are so many amazing female artists out there, but their talent and content isn’t always easy to find. They themselves aren’t always easy to find, sometimes it’s pure luck stumbling upon a female producer or DJ you like.

We want to eliminate this. We want a space where you can find new releases and upcoming events ran by your fellow femmes. We want a space to pay homage to upcoming gals with a gift, self promotion is very much encouraged!

We’ll be asking questions to music babes around the UK, to get some insight into the scene as well as advice and inspo for those that need it!

We are here to lift each other up and spread the love for all those who identify as female.